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Turning – topics:

  1. Organization of the workplace, OSH during turning, description of the machine and its parts
  2. Description of the control system, starting the machine, coordinate system, description and control of the machine panel
  3. Machine setting, workpiece clamping, clamping, tool setting and orientation, Manual machine control, zero point setting, starting point setting, tool change point
  4. Program description, creating a new program, saving programs, simulating and deleting programs
  5. G53 selection of machine coordinates, G54 workpiece zero point, G28 approach to machine reference point
  6. Determination of cutting conditions, G50 limitation of maximum revolutions, G97 constant revolutions, G96 constant cutting speed, G99 feed per revolution (mm/ rev .)
  7. Absolute and incremental programming
  8. Programming of tool movements G00 and G01 (P1)
  9. G40/G41/G42 tip radius correction, tool tip position display, rules tool radius correction
  10. Circular interpolation G02, G03, circular interpolation options
  11. G71 longitudinal roughing cycle
  12. G70 Finishing cycle

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