What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that improve the use of our website by allowing the recognition of previous visitors when logging in to the user environment, remembering the visitor’s choice when opening a new window, measuring website traffic or how to use it for user improvement. None of the cookies used by our website contain so much data that we can identify you on the basis of them, and therefore it cannot be considered as your personal data.

What cookies do we use?

Our website uses cookies for the purpose of:

Ensuring the functioning of the website as such (technical cookies). Without these cookies, our website would not work properly, their use is necessary, storage time is short. Pursuant to § 55 Art. 5 of Act no. 351/2011 Coll. on electronic communications does not require your prior consent to store access to your device: “company is to provide an information society service expressly requested by the user. “

How to choose the use of cookies?

The settings of your browser are in accordance with §55 Art. 5 of Act no. 351/2011 Coll. on electronic communications considered as your consent to the use of cookies on our website. In addition, we obtain consent to the use of cookies for these purposes through a pop-up window on our website.

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